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About the Campaign

Beyond…So All Can Hear.


On April 16, 2011, a strong tornado emerged from the dark skies above Raleigh, damaging an industrial building on Yonkers Road.  Now, almost four years later, a stronger wind is emerging from that same building, this time to bless and not destroy.  The wind of God’s Spirit is stirring in a powerful way, with global ramifications.


4,000 people groups around the world are considered “unreached,” meaning fewer than 2% of that people group have trusted in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  These unreached people groups represent almost 3 billion people globally.  RFA Church feels personally responsible for propelling the gospel into those various people groups.


The “Beyond Campaign” is an ambitious initiative launched by RFA Church to address this need.  The purpose of this campaign is to relocate RFA Church to a larger, more visible facility so that more personnel and resources can be sent around the globe carrying the Good News of Jesus Christ.


As a church we believe that the title “Beyond Campaign” represents an endeavor that is…


Beyond our abilities….


Beyond our comfort zone…


Beyond anything we could ask or imagine…


Beyond our current sphere of influence…


Please use this site to pray for RFA Church, to keep informed about the progress of this campaign, and to partner with RFA Church financially in impacting the nations for Christ.


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Yonkers Road Building Project

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